Mykonos International Film Festival is an international IMDB-qualifying Film Festival in Europe, where your film can participate with other independent movies and with world-class talents in equal competition, within reach of everyone all around the world.

With stars in its eyes, Greece is heading for the silver screen. In a fresh move, the country has launched a series of incentives aimed at drawing the global filmmaking industry to its shores. And it seems to be working. Mykonos is also known for its party atmosphere.


We are aiming to find globally talented filmmakers from all across the planet and help them to professionally promote and expand their projects in our network, with our allies and associates

Each month, our jury selects the winners through private screenings.

– Certificate –

All monthly winners receive a free digital certificate (in PDF), ready for print.

“Mykonos Film Festival” is an official event on “IMDb”. This means that all winners may add the awards to their “IMDb” titles.

All selected participants receive the letterhead notification letter along with our Official Selection digital kit as a welcome to the MIFF.